Rings2.Me / Call Screening & Call Distribution Software

Call Screening & Call Distribution for Entrepreneurs

Rings2.Me is a robust call screening and call distribution system that was launched in early 2013. It serves as the call management back bone of many successful lead generation and direct marketing businesses.

Rings2.Me has the ability to screen inbound phone calls through custom IVR scripts.

Rings2.Me can manage the sale of calls to buyers via an advertiser and affiliate management system. Calls sold, including revenue and costs, can be tracked via reporting tools that include data exports to Excel.

Every lead buyer has an advertiser account with many great reporting features.

Rings2.Me can be integrated with many other great tools used for traditional lead management, call tracking, affiliate management and more.

Rings2.Me has flexible pricing options ranging from "per call" to "percent-of-profit" pricing.

Product Features

Call Screening
  • IVR Scripting - Complex, Multi-Page IVR Scripts for Screening & Qualifying Callers.
  • Pay-Per-Call - Automate & Simplify the Screening of all Pay-Per-Call Leads.
  • Call Centers - Reduce the Cost of Inbound Call Centers with Automated Pre-Screening.
Call Distribution
  • Call Routing - Manage a Complex Network of Call Buyers.
  • Call Whisper - Announce Your Pre-Screened Calls Automatically.
  • Simudial - Complex Options for Connecting Callers to the Right Service Providers Quickly.
Call Management
  • Software Integration - Pass Caller Data to Leads2.me, HasOffers, SaleForce, etc.
  • Email Notification - Send Email Notifications to Administrators & Buyers.
  • Call Recordings - Access Recordings of All Transferred Calls.