Leads2.Me / Lead Capture & Lead Distribution Software

Lead Capture & Lead Distribution for Entrepreneurs

Leads2.Me is a robust lead capture and lead distribution system that has continually evolved over the past 10 years. It serves as the lead management back bone of many successful lead generation and direct marketing businesses.

Leads2.Me has the ability to capture leads from call centers through custom call scripts or direct post and from Internet sources via landing pages or direct post.

Leads2.Me can manage the sale of leads to lead buyers via subscriptions. A subscription can be an open monthly order or an order based on a fixed number of leads. Leads sold, including revenue and costs, can be tracked via reporting tools that include data exports to Excel.

Every lead buyer has a lead management account with many great features for maximizing the value of the leads they are sold. Tools include email and SMS messaging, status tags, revenue and conversion tracking and more.

Leads2.Me can be integrated with many other great tools used for call center management, call and lead tracking, call recording storage, customer relationship management (CRM) and more.

Leads2.Me has flexible pricing options ranging from "per lead" to "percent-of-profit" pricing.

Product Features

Capture Leads
  • Call Intake Scripts - We can build and host call scripts that are using by your call center or sales agents. They can range from a simple, single page script to complex, multi-page dynamic scripts meant to handle lead qualification, lead scoring, lead routing and affiliate lead generation. Hosting your call script means that you can make updates to the script at any time, A/B test different versions and limit your reliability on your call center to host and update your call script.
  • Post Leads - Direct leads from any source into Leads2Me with a simple form GET or POST. This allows you to receive leads from host and post affiliates or other direct-post lead sellers.
  • Lead Forms - Design your own form, or have us design a form for you, that you can use to post leads into Leads2Me. For existing forms, it's as simple as adding 2 hidden fields called siteID and siteKey with values that we supply.
  • IFRAME Forms - We can host your forms that are added to your website(s) with an html iframe. This is a great solution for companies with limited technical bandwidth.
Qualify Leads
  • Field Validation - Correct data as it gets entered into your lead form.
  • Scrub Rules - Set conditions for which leads are not qualified.
  • Duplicate Checking - Check for duplicate leads by email, phone or name.
  • Data Validation - Use 3rd party data tools, like StrikeIron, to validate email addresses, phone numbers and zip codes.
  • Data Enhancement - Use 3rd party data tools, like RapLeaf, to add extra data to your leads.
Distribute Leads
  • Cherry Pick - Manually assign leads that meet certain criteria to maximize revenue and profit.
  • Round Robin - Distribute leads by round robin to an unlimited number of lead buyers.
  • Quota Routing - Set monthly quota for lead buyers and distribute leads to maximize the percent of quotas filled.
  • Reporting Data - Slice and dice your data by source, campaign, product, location or buyer over a common or custom time-frame.
  • Excel Export - All reports export easily to Excel with just one click.
  • Custom Reports - We can assist with any custom data requirements that you have.
Lead Buyer Tools
  • Lead Management - Give every lead buyer a full loaded lead management account. Features include: email templates, SMS messaging, custom status tags, PayPal invoicing and more.
  • Email & Templates - Send every new lead an automatic Welcome Message. Create an email template with merge fields for commonly used communications.
  • Welcome SMS Message - Send an automatic SMS (text message) to new leads. Improve the conversion rate of hard-to-reach leads.
  • Custom Statuses - Easily implement existing back-office processes with custom status tags.
  • PayPal Invoicing - Issue leads an invoice via PayPal. Payments are routed directly to your lead buyers.
Branded Experience
  • Your Logo - Display your logo at the top of every page.
  • Your Email Address - Leads are sent from the email address of your choice. Email deliverability powered by SendGrid.
Feedback Loops
  • Lead Contact Time - Automatically track how quickly your lead buyers are contacting the leads that you sell to them.
  • Network Rankings - Automatically track if your lead buyers are using their lead management tools to service their leads.
Custom Development
  • Custom Integrations - We have a growing list of integrations and would be happy to assist with any others. Existing implementations include: HasOffers, RingRevenue, CallPixels, Dial800, SalesForce, ZohoCRM, etc.
  • Custom Tools - We excel at providing customized software and can assist you with nearly any custom request.
  • Custom Tasks - Need a custom report, a nightly data dump, a feed to a media partner? No problem.
  • CRM - Using SalesForce, ZohoCRM or another CRM system? We can push, pull and update data from your CRM system to your lead management account.
  • Case Management - Lawyers, we can push converted leads into the case management system of your choice.
Call Centers
  • Call Intakes - We specialize is developing and hosting simple to complex call intake scripts. Enjoy the freedom to make changes to your intake script whenever you choose.
  • Call Length - Track the length of any call captured from our hosting call intake scripts.
  • Call Recordings - Using RingRevenue, Dial800 or CallPixels? Link to call recordings from your lead detail page.